Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Classic Christina

The ever so lovely Christina Hendricks will be gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar November Issue. It is such a relief to see that they didn't opt to put her in revealing outfits, rather going with form fitting dresses and great tailored suits. No matter what you put her in she can look sexy with out even trying. In the issue Christian talks about men and women hitting on her, which gives her husband and her a good laugh.  Of course she talks about her beautiful figure and how she has helped women find beauty in their bodies.  

There is something incredibly sad that there are not more curvy women in the film/television industry today, like Christina Hendricks. She is a breath of fresh air and inspires young girls and women to be comfortable with their bodies. Living in Hollywood and working on film sits I have seen actresses that appear to be a "normal" size on TV, but in person are much skinner than I could have ever imagined. When they say "the camera adds ten pounds," it truly does. I had to be a stand-in before and trust me when you see yourself under those bright lights, on camera and have more than a dozen pairs of eyes on you, it can be very discouraging and bring yourself esteem down. I can see why Hollywood starlets fall into the pressure of big thin, but there is a fine line of being healthy and too skinny. 

Photographer Terry Richardson
Source via The Blemish

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