Monday, February 28, 2011

Cases of the Mondays

BDG Primary Satchel
Cost: $58.00
Available Here

SATCHELS!!! For the past weeks I have been in need of a new bag, and all the bags I have seen the only ones that have caught my eyes are the satchels. Unfortunately, my income at the moment has not allowed me to buy the ones I do like, because they are rather expensive. This BDG Primary Satchel is not too expensive, which means that I can live my dream of looking like an Oxford Law Student when I use this bag with my oxford's, Ray Ban's and french style strip shirt. It is a win in my book.

The Many Dresses of Anne

Last night was The 83rd Academy Award Show, the most memorable moment of the show, other than Billy Crystal and The Kids of PS22 appearance, was all of the outfit changes that Anne Hathaway had. For each outfit the make-up and hair, had to change as well, it makes me wonder if Anne even had the chance to take in that she was actually hosting.

My favorite of Anne's dresses of the night  the beautiful white Givenchy, which was the first dress she wore. The detailing on the dress was amazing, not too delicate, and the dress fit her so well and the color looked gorgeous against her fair skin. 

Another outfit piece, not outfit, was the Brian Atwood shoes that she wore with Lanvin tuxedo. They are to die for! They were the first thing that caught my eye when they came out to do the musical number.

It is very difficult for her to look bad in anything, but at last she accomplished it by wearing the Fruit Roll-up, as my friends came to know it, blue Armani Prive dress. There is nothing about the dress that I like, maybe the color, but the shiny material throws me off.

Overall, I was jealous of Miss Anne being allowed to play dress-up with luxurious designer clothes.  Despite what everyone is saying about her hosting abilities she did look amazing and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011

Alberta Ferretti: Fall 2011

Mod, lace, bright colors and velvet! The fall collection of Alberat Ferretti screams a sophisticated version glam rock. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Prep Attack

The theme of this week"s 'Thrifty Thursday' is Preppy Prep. Both Courtney and I managed to end up wearing secondhand items that appeared to come straight out of 'Pretty in Pink'. 

Tweed Blazer  Cost: $5.00
from Goodwill

Lacoste Shirt 
Cost: $1.00
At Jet Rag, but you have to get there early in the morning on Sunday for their $1.00 sale.

Satin Lips

Last night I was on a mission to find some of Welch's Fruit Snacks. Needless to say I gave up rather quickly and went on to look at lipstick and nail polish. I spent what seemed like hours just moseying around the make-up section at CVS. After grabbing several lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, and slowly placing them back where they belong, I left with CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Sultry.

When it comes to CoverGirl make-up I tend to stay away. There are only a few of their products that I own, each one of their colors have been discontinued. I was rather apprehensive about purchasing the lipstick, but the color seemed nice enough.

The first thing I did when I got home was try it out. The color turned out to be great, the soft natural brown with a hint of pink/purple. It feels great on your lips, goes on easily and has enough moisturizer in the lipstick, yet it does not look like a shiny gloss on.

At moment it is a win, in a few months that may change.  I will pray that it doesn't, we shall see.

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick 
Color: Sultry Seduction (great name huh?)
Cost: $7.00

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wicked Wednesday

With the return of 'Wicked Wednesday' I decided to go with a play and happy ad. Although, I have seen a few fashion ads that have left me rather upset.

I have chosen the new Kelly Osbourne's Material Girl Spring 2011 print ads. The reason being that Kelly look beautiful and so happy; also because it is not a model that is trying to hard to look sexy. This line of clothing main target is teenagers girls. Girls that are around the age 15-18, who should not be showing too much skin and being overly sexy.

The collection itself is so fun and affordable. There is a lot of my favorite prints in it which are floral and strips. The high waisted shorts and cute jackets are to die for. The mix of 60's and 80's fashion is a prefect blend and not being obnoxious.

Kelly's make-up and hair look amazing as does she. I am a huge fan of Kelly Osbourne, seeing her happy and doing so well makes me love her even more.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday!

The Kapoo! Boot
Cost: $218.99
Available Here

These boots scream kick-ass! They remind me of something of what Wonder Woman would wear in the 1920's.  The color is fabulous and the detail of buttons! I cannot handle how amazing these boots are. They will be in my dreams for a few weeks. I can see it now me in the Wonder Woman get-up making Super Girl envious of my fashion forward Super Hero Suit.

Floral Dr. Martens
Cost: $120.00
Available Here

Ever since I saw Liv Tyler in Empire Record I have been wanting to get a pair of Dr. Martens. When I finally got the nerve to ask my mom for a pair she got me the silly little girl pair. Needless to say I was rather disappointed and refused to wear them for awhile, that is until my mom threaten to never get me anything ever again. As a kid I might not have been able to get the cool British boots and live out my dreams to work at a record store; but what is stopping me now? The floral Dr. Marten's are amazing the floral print adds a nice feminine touch to the tough, industrial boots, yet don't over power them and most importantly they don't look horrible.

Touch of Color

I bought two new nail polishes this week and the colors different from what I would usually get and I am loving them.

China Glaze: Sunset Sail
Cost: $6.50

I am currently wearing China Glaze in Sunset Sail. It is a very nice nude color with a hint of peach and shimmer. Apparently, nude nails is in this season and for good reason too. The color goes well with any outfit you are wearing and look great against any skin tone. Mind you there is more personality in this color than all of the pale pinks around. 

OPI: What is up with the cattitude?
Cost: $7.50

The color "What is up with the cattitude?" is from the Sherk inspired nail polish. In the bottle it appears to be a very light, pale blue. However, once you apply it and let it dry the color really pops. It is a shame that there are more brands that have nail polish in this shade. As much as I love it and OPI, it is a little more than what I would usually spend on nail polish.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorgeous Aishwarya

Aishwarya Ria is on the cover of this month's Vogue India. It is strange that most of Americans do not know who she is.  Before I ever watched Devdas or Bride & Prejudice, I always knew her as Miss Universe.  Her beauty has captivated the world for years; if that didn't win them over her pose and elegance will. In the photo spread she so easily blends the lines of elegance and sexiness. My favorite photo of the shoot is the one where she is wearing the red satin-chiffon beaded gown by Jenny Packham.

Photography by Marcin Tyszka 

Cases of the Mondays

See by ChloƩ
Cost: $495
Available Here

It has been awhile since I have 'The Cases of the Mondays'! Today, I went to work and had the urge to go buy a bag, of course they don't pay me enough to actually afford to.  While looking at my dream bags, I am across this beauty on The Purse Blog.  It is all about the satchels! Lately, an obsession with satchels and large messenger bags has started to take me over. The fact that you can fit so much in it and it can still hold more, is amazing! If, you are anything like me I can the most pointless things in my bag, as well as book. The simple point is that this bag may not be the most interesting looking, yet I love it.