Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katy Perry's E.T. Make-up

Katy Perry's new video for E.T featuring Kanye West was released today. Not sure what to make of it just yet, but I do like the fact that it is a step in a different direction than she usually takes in her videos.

I especially love that it takes place in outer-space and she is an alien. Of course this is coming from a girl that took a college course that was called Extraterrestrial Life in hopes of learning more about our little green friends. Little did I know that the name was misleading and we learned nothing about actual aliens or UFOs. What lies! We only discussed UFO's for about 30 minutes, but I digress. 

The make-up and hair in the video are insane. The detailing and colors are mesmerizing and the hours she must have sat in the make-up chair just get half of her face done. Not to mention the weaves, how painful that must have been.

My favorite looks are the very last ones, the colors are just amazing and they are very simple to make do yourself. I feel a make-up play day coming up! There have been a ton of make-up tutorials of how to do the first alien look have popped up on YouTube. If I was daring enough I would try it out myself, but that would also mean that I would have to buy make-up that I would never wear again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: Black Swan

This week my obsession has become the film "Black Swan". I fell in love with the film when it first came out and yesterday I drove as fast (and safely) as possible to the store after work to buy my copy on DVD.

To be honest I haven't watched TV or seen much advertisement for the DVD, other than the little dance double scandal, which I think was all planned to draw attention to Blu-Ray and DVD release. However, I have been in love with all of the movie posters that they came up with. The ones that are actual photos are simple and dramatic it doesn't have any fluff to it.  I cannot stress how much I love the artwork that was done for the black, white and red posters. I want all of them to be hanging in my house. The coloring and the drastic angles and they all have this deeper meaning. With this said I will stop there because trust me I can go on longer.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Touch of Color: Water Marble Nail Art

For some time now Water Marble Nail Art videos and tutorials have been popping up on YouTube. It always seemed like to much work for me to ever actually try it out. It was not until my friend tried it out and posted her second attempt on her blog Oh Me! Oh My!

Mind you I never thought it was going to be easy, but I get these insane ideas that I can do anything. This type of mentality maybe good for things, water marble nails not so much.

I spent a few hours trying to get it down. I did one full set of nails and they came out pretty well except for a few nails. I tried to redo them, but I lost my patience with it and gave it. The frustration was just to much that I grabbed the nail polish remover and wiped away all of it. Honestly, it was very foolish of me I spent several hours on those nails and quite a lot of nail polish and it was all for nothing.

After several minutes I decided to give it another go and the results were slightly better.

Results of Attempt 1:

You might be thinking "Those aren't so bad." Well, you didn't see the rest of the nails, they weren't lovely at all.

Results of Attempt 2:

Obviously I had yet to make it look pretty.

Now, I am no expert when it comes to water marble nails, so I highly suggest you look up some different tutorials and articles on it. But I will give you a few tips that I found out and the pros and cons of doing this technique.

Items that you will need:
1. A two or more nail polishes each different color.
2. A cup or very small bowl that you don't mind getting it dirty. A plastic or paper cut works.
3. Water
4. Several toothpicks
5. Chap Stick or one of the items that I list below.
6. Lots of napkins
7. Nail polish remover
8. Q-tips
9. Cotton pads or Cotton balls

1. It is better to use filtered water.
2. Use luke warm water, something about cold water and the nail polish just don't mix well.
3. To make sure that nail polish doesn't get all over your fingers cover them in one of the following:

  • Chap Stick
  • Cuticles Oil
  • Baby Oil
  • Vaseline
  • Regular tape (I'm too scared to use this one)
4. Have a lot of napkins on hand.
5. Do it with I friend, so if you do mess up that at least you have someone there to make a joke about it and make light of the situation. It would have been nice to have someone else saying all those offensive words instead of me.

1. It looks amazing! Very different from the usual nail art you see around.
2. Although it was a pain to deal with all the step, it was also incredibly fun.
3. It is somewhat rewarding.

1. It is very messy.
2. You use up a lot of nail polish, especially if it is your first time trying it.
3. It is very messy.
4. Is incredibly frustrating, you must have a lot of patience to do try this out.
5. You never seem to get the design that you want as much as you try.

Friday, March 25, 2011

'Sucker Punched' Premiere

 I have been wanting to see 'Sucker Punched' ever since I found out that Emily Browning was going to lead in it. Seeing the trailer I got even more excited, but disappointed that sexualized outfits they had the girls dress in. Although the film is getting horrible reviews I will most like it see it on Saturday.

The other day was the premiere of the film and I was not impressed with the outfits the celebrities wore on to the red carpet. My favorites for the night were Jamie Chung and Jena Malones, they were the most daring with color and style.

Emily Browning in an Erdem white lace dress that cuts right above the knee and Prada Shoes. It fits her perfectly and is the best length for her height. I'm very surprised that the color doesn't wash her out. I'm all for dramatic lips and have a lip stick the same shade Emily is wearing, but it just isn't working for her in this outfit. Maybe if she her shoes were a different color it might have looked better.

Vanessa Hudgens wore a floor length Jenny Packham dress. Initially, when I first saw Vanessa in the dress I wasn't a huge fan, but through out the day I have come to think it is quite lovely.  The sequined detailing is not overwhelming and a delicate pattern.  You can't tell in this picture but some of the sequins are a light lilac color. Everything is working for Vanessa in this dress, however I would have done without the necklaces. 

Jena Malone kept her look fun and flirty in a two piece dress by Juan Carlos Obando. The structure is to die for and Jean has the body to wear pull it off. My favorite part of the outfit is how the bottom of the skirt fades into a darker shade of pink.

Abbie Cornish dress of choice for the premiere was a nice jewel colored Amanda Wakely. I love the simplicity of the dress and the fit of the dress on Abbie and her nail polish. My only objection is that makes her appear older than she is. 

I couldn't find a better picture of Jamie Chung at the premiere because she had to be my favorite. She wore a yellow Giambattista Valli dress from the Spring 2011 collection. The yellow and the different color of draping is beautiful. The dress is not an easy one to pull off and Jaime looks stunning.

Jon Hamm was at the premiere looking handsome as ever! I love it when men wear suits and dark rim glasses and he did both. I also love that he played with different shades of blue and patterns with the tie and shirt.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: Coco Mademoiselle

The commercial of choice for today is the new Chanel's Coco Mademosielle commercial featuring Keira Knightley.  They are promoting it as a short film, but there is no denying that it is just a fancy commercial.

Coco Mademoiselle perfume is one of my favorite perfumes that I own, and from the Chanel line. I'm running a little low and each time I spray it my stomach turns. The worry of using it all up and not being able to buy another one right away torments my dreams. Damn my expensive taste!

Keira is dressed in an amazing beige suede jumpsuit and riding around Italy in a matching motorcycle. Oh and those boots! The jumpsuit would look horrible if it was anyone else, but is perfect for Keira's body type and the color looks great with her skin tone.

In the commercial Keira takes off to a  photo shoot, where she start to play the seducing game with the photographer. You shouldn't be surprised 99.9% of perfume commercial have this same plot. With this in mind, I was rather impressed with the first half of the ad that they kept Keira fully clothed and covered and still managed to make her look sexy.  But I spoke to soon, out of no where she starts unzipping her jumpsuit and before you know it is tossed aside. It is then insinuated the sultry photo shoot would soon end and leaded to more. Did I forget to mention that the photo shoot takes place in a make shift bedroom?

Usually, Chanel commercials don't tend to bother me, because they have a nice romance story tied into, like Nicole Kidman's No. 5 commercial, but for some reason this one just seemed silly to me. It may have been the song, Joss Stone's 'Love', or the come hither look that Keira keeps throwing around. But the fact that the creative director made Keira to be a temptress in the ad does not sit well with me. She takes off her clothes for no reason and gets the photographer all hot and bothered and just bails, because it fun! When I put on Coco Mademiselle I don't have the sudden urge tease a boy.

All around I am disappointed with the out come, I was so looking forward to this commercial actually being good. At least there are gorgeous clothes through out the first first half of and Keira looks flawless as always.

Eye Candy of the Week: Rick Genest

Rick Genest

There has not been an 'Eye Candy of the Week' post in quite awhile. Since, there wasn't a post yesterday, due to the fact that my internet decided to take a holiday. It is only fitting to do Eye Candy post today.

Obviously, Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest isn't your typical model, but in the past month he has blown up in the fashion world.  He appeared in the new Lady Gaga video 'Born This Way', walked the Mugler runway shoe and has become Nicola Formichetti's new muse.

A few years ago Rick made many people question his sanity when he decided to tattoo his face and body in order to appear like the living dead. As extreme and bizarre as Rick's choice might be, I too like Formichetti find it oddly beautiful. Plus, who doesn't love a fashionable zombie.

Tuesday Shoesday!

Lanvin 'Puzzle' Peep Toe Wedge Pump
Cost $1,280
Available Here 

What draws your attention to these shoes is the wood detailing of the wedge. I for one am a sucker for any shoe that has a wooden heel. Not sure why, but it might be the sturdy appearance they give off or the natural element incorporated into them. Whatever the reason I have been tempted to buy many shoes because of this. The 'Puzzle' wedge is a nice mix of patent leather and wood and ribbon; as well as the color contrast. I find them to pleasing to the eye and a subtle, yet dramatic change from the norm. 

*If you are able to afford these, I officially hate you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play Time! Pin-Up Style

After work and earthquake kit shopping I got rather bored and Boy Meets World just was not cutting it for me so...I played around with make-up and my hair.  The look that I wanted to go for was pin-up. I am absolutely fascinated with old pin-up art and old fashion pin-up girls.  In Austin a few years ago while looking at vintage pin-up postcards I blurted out to my good friend, "I wish I was a pin-up girl!" Little did I know that a older man was standing right behind me and he did give me a strange look, oops!

Anywho, here is the result of my pin-up attempt. Before I forget to mention this I don't own a curling iron and my hair is naturally straight; I used my straightening iron to curl my hair.

p.s. My camera was returned to me earlier today, that means that slightly better picture qualities will be on the way.

The Shoes Appreciation Society

Shoes! Shoes! And More Shoes! Everything thing I love in one simply chart.

The Shoes Appreciation Society by Niege Borges Alves

Fashion Rewind: Rickie Vasquez

The past month I have spent my time at home after work watching 'My So-Called Life.' When I was younger I thought it was of Angela was bold to dye hair her and amazing that her mom did not yell at her.  I love the carefree attitude of Rayanne and testing out different placements of braids.

However, my favorite character was not Angela, Rayanne or Jordan Catalano, but Rickie Vasquez! He was fearless when it came to fashion, from wearing one earring and bold colored sweater vest and that layering. Rickie would play with mixing bold patterns with on another and some how manages to make it work. I loved how many jackets he had! A range of different blazers and tweed coats, I must not forget that he would accessorize them too.

On top of Rickie's fashion sense, what I truly love about him is that he was not afraid to be himself. He was fearless when it came to hanging out in the girls restroom, wearing make-up and being open about his sexuality. He was a hopeless romantic like Angela and was always there for his friends.

Oh, if only high school was like how the movies and television shows made it to be.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adorable Hailee

Within the first five minuets of watching True Grit declared Hailee Steinfeld my new hero.  It wasn't just for her character in the film but her ablitily to act so well for someone so young. She stole the film and was able to out shine Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. 

In case you weren't sold on Miss Hailee performance, her pose and class durning interview will. At only 14 years old she hold herself better than most adults I know and her peers her age. She comes as very educated and grateful for  all the recognition she is receiving.

Hailee was one of my favorite dress actresses this award season. She kept it age appropriate, simply and classy. All of the dress she wore this season I would wear. It makes me to see a young actress with a good head on her shoulders.

Prabal Gurung at the 2011 Golden Globe

Prada Dress at SAG Awards 2011

She worked closely with Marchesa's Georgina Chapman 
to design the dress for 83rd Academy  Awards.

Moschino Cheap and Chic at the 83rd Academy Awards nominations luncheon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Touch of Color: Crackled White

China Glaze: CRACKLE Glaze in White
Cost: $5.99 to $7.00

The mission was to find the OPI Black Shattered nail polish. Missioned FAILED! On the upside I was able to snag the last CRACKLE Glaze left in the store. Of course the first thing I did when I got home was try it out and I hated the effect. 

For those that have not heard of the crackle or shatter nail polish here is a brief description; it is a top coat  that cracks when it dries. You are suppose to put a layer over the nail polish that you want to peek through. 
However, the first time I used it there was not much of any crack effect going on.I had the intention of returning it the next day, but work got in the way of that plan. 

A few days ago I had the urger while watching  'My So Called Life' to redo my nails and since, I still had the CRACKLE Glaze I gave it a second chance. The result was ten time better than the first and there was plenty of cracks all over the place. I also did some research as to why it did not work the first time as well, apparently the crack effect does not happen as vividly if you use matte nail polish, so just put a top clear coat on the under color before applying the CRACKLE Glaze.

Sorry for the low quality picture; my camera is currently on vacation in Texas and will be returning next week.

Tuesday Shoesday!

Poetic Licence 'Backlash' Oxford Pump
Cost: $99.95
Available Here

The 'Poetic Licence Backlash' Oxfords remind me of Mary Poppins. I wonder if you wear them you will be able to fly away holding an umbrella and be able to jump into street art.  The color of the ribbon lace and the scalloped suede  trim and the houndstootch-patterned detail. The shoe also comes in yellow, which I will never get, but it reminds me of the shoes that Sarah gives Becky in "My Little Princess." If I were to ever get the shoes in yellow I would reenact the scene when Becky finds them.

Cases of the Mondays

FACT: I had the actual Cases of the Monday and like the lazy bones that I am did not post at all. To make up for it I will post three bags in this post.

Melie Bianco:
 Adele Clutch
Cost: $64
Available Here

It is no secret that the past few 'Cases of the Mondays' have been covered in satchels. To mix it up a bit I picked this simple clutch, what is striking about the bag is the wooden detail. The simplicity of the clutch is refreshing. Every girl should own at least one clutch that can go with multiple outfits and fit the essentials (cell phone, ID, keys, cash/credit car and lipstick/lip gloss/chapstick); this neutral colored bag is just the perfect solution. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Bianca Leather Satchel
Cost: $458
Available Here

I could not resist, I just had to add in another satchel. For one it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs and rarely if ever do I dislike any of the bags he designs. Secondly, look at that color! The shade of camel is classic and chic and the shape of the bag makes it a perfect bag for daily use. It also comes out in a variety of colors if you are not too keen on the camel.

Shifting Sand Bag
Cost: $118.00
Available Here

The 'Shifting Sands Bag' is suppose to be reminiscent of a bird's eye view of the rippling sand of the desert. What I see is the wrapping of a mummy that leads to me thinking of all the B-Horror movies I have seen. In case you haven't figured it out that means it is a win in my book. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Pixie

The past couple of months I have been wanting to do something different with my hair. I have had straight across bangs for several months and they are not cutting it anymore. However, I have never dye my hair or plan on doing so anytime soon. I love my natural hair color, although I do sometimes wish I had the courage to dye it a crazy color.  I have made the decision that I will get a pixie cut by the end of the year. Now, I know that is a long time from now, but I want to let my hair grow long enough to donate it to the Locks of Love.

Many iconic ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow and Twiggy to name a few have made the pixie cut famous and gave other women the courage to do the same. Recently, there has been a wave of celebrities cutting off their lovely locks and rocking the pixie cut. Which has only makes me want to cut my hair every time I see them in a new picture. Here are a few of my favorite stars with the pixie cut.

Emily Browning

Emma Watson

Carey Mulligan

Michelle Williams

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Train, Men and Most Importantly Shoes

A few hours ago the new DSW Train commercial came on the television. Now, DSW is a great place to find amazing deals on shoes, however, their commercials need some work. Their 'Train' spot was cheese and left me laughing. The dialog between the main actors was silly and poorly acted. Also, no woman would run on and off a train, up a flight of stair and across a street just to ask a man where he got his shoes.  Really, she went through all that trouble to ask him about his shoes? Now, it would seem realistic for her to ask this at a party or even at a club, but in a crowd public area not so much.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday!

Under $50:

Bamboo Juniper 69 Black Canvas Sandals
Cost: $24.00
Available Here

Personally, sandals are not for me, nor are flip-flops. I only own one pair of sandals, even those someone else purchased them for me. What I like about the Bamboo Juniper Sandals are that they have that slight wedge heel and the rope detailing. Reminds me of what a pin-up sailor woman would wear. These sandals are perfect for going to the beach and wearing with your high waisted shorts.

Over $50:

Jeffrey Campbell Turino Pink Gold Zipper Suede Wedge Booties
Cost: $227.00
Available Here

These little booties will catch everyone's attention from a mile away. The pink suede looks so soft and yummy, reminds me of bubble gum and cotton candy.  Pink is not my color of choice, but this shade of pink goes so nicely with the copper/gold color of the zipper action on the heel.  I love it when designers incorporate zippers into their designs other than the obvious particle reason. Zippers add more interest to an item and shows the creative of the designer.