Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

When I drive down Hollywood Blvd and many other stress of Los Angeles everyday and see plenty of billboard ads for all sorts of products. They can range from bad D-List films, designers watches to alcoholic products etc.

Many of the fashion billboards can be a little risky, the models showing too much skin, to greased up and in uncalled for poses. However, there has never been any billboard that has that has offended me more then every signal Skyy Vodka ad out there.

Being stuck in traffic and having to a huge billboard in front of you of a woman's legs in between a Skyy Vodka bottle, is not what I want to see on my way to work or home. This ad does not tempt me to go the store and buy of bottle of Skyy Vodka, so I too can feel like an objectified sex vixen. What I do instead is go home and rant to my roommates about them and tell all of my friends how uncomfortable they make me. This might be the wrong thing to do, the advertisers behind the ad campaign might want us to do just that, spread the word. But what else can I do, I have to look at them every day and as much as I try to ignore them I can't.

Now, I understand that Skyy Vodka is simply trying to attract the younger male audience, but there are other ways of doing it. As time goes by and new Skyy Vodka ads replace the old, the innuendos become more obscene.

I hate these ads with a passion and feel that the creators of them need to read "Can't Buy Me Love" by Jean Kilbourne. I also hope that women were not a part of the creation of the ad campaign, if there were they should be ashamed of themselves.


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