Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Rewind

Last week it was reported that NBC and Bryan Fuller, creator of ‘Pushing Daises’, are working on a remake of the classic TV show ‘The Munsters.’

With Halloween just around the corner and this great news, it is only fitting for Bang Bang Fashion to pick Lily and Marilyn Munster for Fashion Rewind. These iconic characters are polar opposites of one another stylistically; both memorable, simple and their own.

Lily Munster is not your typical vampire or housewife; the best way to describe her style is a mix of Greek Goddess and Goth Princess. Always keeping it simple with a hint of sultry in her elegant ankle length dress accented by bold black lace ribbon. She makes subtle statements with the unique shape of her sleeves giving her the appearance of having batwings and her bat necklace. When you hear Lily Munster's name the first thing that comes to mind is her trademark black pin-straight hair with thick white streaks. Whatever you do, DO NOT get her confused with Morticia Addams it will get ugly, you have been warned. 

When you think of Marilyn Munster you think of the black sheep of the family. She is not like the rest of her relatives and it shows. She refuses to follow in the steps of her aunt's rather getting her fashion tips from Edith Head's book.  Her style is clean cut classic 60's flattering dresses and simple accessories. Not a strand of hair on her head is ever out of place; her make-up is never over done. Marilyn is an early Betty Draper with more personality; she is truly one of television's classics beauties.

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