Monday, February 28, 2011

The Many Dresses of Anne

Last night was The 83rd Academy Award Show, the most memorable moment of the show, other than Billy Crystal and The Kids of PS22 appearance, was all of the outfit changes that Anne Hathaway had. For each outfit the make-up and hair, had to change as well, it makes me wonder if Anne even had the chance to take in that she was actually hosting.

My favorite of Anne's dresses of the night  the beautiful white Givenchy, which was the first dress she wore. The detailing on the dress was amazing, not too delicate, and the dress fit her so well and the color looked gorgeous against her fair skin. 

Another outfit piece, not outfit, was the Brian Atwood shoes that she wore with Lanvin tuxedo. They are to die for! They were the first thing that caught my eye when they came out to do the musical number.

It is very difficult for her to look bad in anything, but at last she accomplished it by wearing the Fruit Roll-up, as my friends came to know it, blue Armani Prive dress. There is nothing about the dress that I like, maybe the color, but the shiny material throws me off.

Overall, I was jealous of Miss Anne being allowed to play dress-up with luxurious designer clothes.  Despite what everyone is saying about her hosting abilities she did look amazing and seemed to be enjoying herself.

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