Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wicked Wednesday


It is "Wicked Wednesday" again, I had hoped that this week I would be able post an ad that I actually liked, but unfortunately that is not the case. Last week I had planned to write about  another ad; after seeing Bebe Fall 2010 campaign I changed my mind rather quickly. 

In original campaign photo the model is sitting on a haystack with her leg spread open only wearing a faux fur coat, boots and some accessories. The ad does not show of the cut of the coat; to me the ad itself has no purpose when it comes to the clothing. I cannot force myself to look at it for more then a few seconds at a time. It is sad to see the model in pigtails giving her a youthful look in a setting that most children would love to play in.  Making her look younger and very sexual at the same time sends the message that these are the two thing women must aspire to be. Time and time again Bebe disappoints me with their campaigns, I pray that they get new creatives and go in a new direction for the next session.


Courtney: Soon to come

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