Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Rewind Friday

Ever since the release of the documentary Grey Gardens, Little Edie Beale has become somewhat of a style icon for her individual ways of dressing herself, accessorizing, and walking the fine line between absurd and brilliant.

Everyone knows that fashion repeats itself, so as a great start to the weekend let's have a history lesson. Here's a look at Edie, young and old, and her signature styles that could easily be worn today.

Max Mara Hooded Dress

Edie Beale modeled in her twenties and had a sophisticated and sleek look that was a product of her Hamptons lifestyle. Like any society woman in the 1930's, she was gorgeous and poised. There's a reason why this dress was replicated for the film with Drew Barrymore - it's exquisite. I love the existence of hooded dresses - it mixes fierceness and comfort. Not too dressy, not too casual.

In the 70's, after years of living alone with her mother and cooped up in the family home, stress took its toll on Edie and her hair fell out overtime. Constantly insecure about it, she was never seen without something on her head, whether scarf, blouse, or towel. It was whatever worked and whatever she thought looked great. What, to her, was seen as a necessity became a signature look in itself. 

Rock it, Edie!

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