Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wicked wednesday

every wednesday we will be post some of our favorite or least favorite fashion ads that we have come across.


As a person with a degree in advertising I have a love and passion for ads. Part of the reason that I wanted to study advertising in college was because of the ads I saw in fashion magazines as a child. I would spend hours flipping through magazines comparing the ads I saw in teen, fashion and men magazines. My love for the fashion ads however has always been tainted with the objectification of women and the ridiculously sexual poses that most of the models were in.

Yesterday, I came across an ad that just shows how little progress the fashion world has made in showing models as empowering women. The ad was the new DSQUARED2 were two women  are display in glass cases like mannequins with and naked man plastered against the glass ogling them. The fact that the model is wearing red latex panties doesn’t help the matter much. This ad tells the story of a very drunk man stumbling along the dark streets of the city at 3 o’clock in the morning on the hunt for a willing woman.

He clearly fines two fiery temptresses, now if only he was smart enough to actually get in the cases instead of just stupidly starting at them.  Not that we want him to of course.



"A dame? I'd so much rather be a knight."

This quote sums up everything I love about Tilda Swinton. The "Eat Pray Love" Julia Roberts cover of Elle made me skeptical to pick the issue up, until flipping through caused me to land on this ad. Ever since I saw "Orlando" I've admired her dearly, and I feel like this ad is the best example to juxtapose with Tanya's as a positive example of women used in advertisements. She reigns like a queen of the forest people, fierce and androgynous, neither sexualized, weak, broken, or any other expected role a woman would typically be made to convey in such a high fashion photo. She's herself and it's divine. There really aren't words, except bow down to Tilda. I'd buy anything you're selling, you regal Scottish monarch!


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