Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday!


Vince Camuto's Mim
Cost: $120 to $36
Available at here

Today in the mail I got one of the best care packages from my mom ever! Not only did it have all my favorite foods, but it had this fierce shoes in the package.  The heel on them are insane, my motto is "the higher the better." I also just like high heels because they make me taller. Which ever inch counts when I am standing next to my littler sister (8 years younger) who towers over me a good 5 inches. I love that my mom has good taste in shoes, she is the best. I will also like to add that my mom found these shoes on sale for $36 at Dillard's, if you hunt for bargin you will find them. 

Courtney: Soon to come

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