Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wicked Wednesday


It is that time again the "Wicked Wednesday" has finally arrived. Surprise! I actually picked an ad that I love. Granted, the ad is vintage and not really about fashion. Lately, I have been having a lot of car trouble it makes sense that I should pick an ad for a car. This week I pick a 1955 Cadillac ad, that has a beautiful car and model.  The layout is very simple keeping it clean an clutter free. The colors work well off of one another the gold goes great with the nice jade green of the car and the model's dress. The focus of the ad however isn't the car but the model; showing what type of lifestyle the owner of a new Cadillac will have.  The model is in a semi-seductive pose with a classic dress; with the green and black place for detailing. Accessories are what make the outfit complete from the huge earring to the white gloves. I could point out everything I find wrong in this ad, but this week I will just keep it simple and happy.

Courtney: Soon to come

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