Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: Buffalo Jeans

On Sunday and early Monday morning I was driving around in search of the prefect or decent pair of khaki pants, why you may ask? My response to you is don't ask, it will just give me a headache explaining it.

Any who, on my drive to the Beverly Center I spotted this billboard. Living in Los Angeles you become use to seeing a ton of advertisement and become unaware of them. Rarely do they ever catch my attention, and most of those are usually for a children's film or a Disney movie, because they are more creative with their designs.

Since it is Los Angeles there are many billboards and posters of models in scandalous poses and wearing close to nothing. When I saw this Buffalo Jean's billboard I wasn't shocked as much as I was ashamed. It never seizes to amaze me how women are sexualized and objectified in advertisements. In this Buffalo billboard the model is on fours on a couch (where is she crawling to, she is going to fall off and hurt herself). Also, what is up with her ridiculous facial expression, she looks as if they told her now, "Look vulnerable and sexy. Oh and as if you have a M.A. in Aeronautical Engineering and Quantum Physics." It rather disturbing and there is nothing behind her eyes, such a dumb expression.

If this is an ad for jeans why is it that all my focus is on her lace panties? The jeans blend into the dark leather couch, to the point were you can't even see if you would want to wear them. I don't know about you but I personally don't want to wear jeans that don't even cover up my undergarments.

Shame on you Buffalo Jeans for making such a terrible ad.

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