Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play Time! Pin-Up Style

After work and earthquake kit shopping I got rather bored and Boy Meets World just was not cutting it for me so...I played around with make-up and my hair.  The look that I wanted to go for was pin-up. I am absolutely fascinated with old pin-up art and old fashion pin-up girls.  In Austin a few years ago while looking at vintage pin-up postcards I blurted out to my good friend, "I wish I was a pin-up girl!" Little did I know that a older man was standing right behind me and he did give me a strange look, oops!

Anywho, here is the result of my pin-up attempt. Before I forget to mention this I don't own a curling iron and my hair is naturally straight; I used my straightening iron to curl my hair.

p.s. My camera was returned to me earlier today, that means that slightly better picture qualities will be on the way.

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