Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Rewind: Grace Kelly

With all of the royal wedding talk going around I keep thinking of Grace Kelly. Kate Middleton's dress reminds me so much of a modern version of Grace's own wedding dress. Since it is a Friday and I haven't been posting due to being sick and going out of town, I am going to go a little crazy and tried to do a few more post before the day ends.

When you hear of Grace Kelly you think of pure class and elegance. She always held with herself with such poise that you would assume that she was born a  royal. When Grace did finally become a Princess it was only fitting.

For years on the silver screen people saw sophisticated fashion sense that fit Grace's personality perfectly. She always wore outfits created of fabrics that were delicate and rich. Whether she was being dressed by Edith Head for a role or by picking her own outfits they were simple and elegant.

Grace Kelly is an icon in the fashion world and to many woman because her style is timeless. However, it was not the clothes that made her so loved, but her sweet and caring personality.

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