Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Forward Aprons

 Today my bestest friend in the whole wide world graduate from college!


In honor of her wonderful accomplishment I will dedicate  a few post on the thing she loves most and spend years studying and will continue to study for years to come. That thing is FOOD!

For those of you that know me you know that I am a huge food lover. You would also know that I am an accident waiting to happen. Being a food lover I love to bake, cook and watch other do the same. Needless to say I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. With the combination of my love of food and clumsiness I have cut, burned and badly hurt myself. On top of causing physical harm to myself, I also tend to make a big mess. Flour and sugar and milk end up all over the counter tops, floor and all over me. Other than a good pair of oven mitts (and a first aid kit), what I could use is a well made apron.

Over the years aprons have become more fashionable and less drab and boring. I would argue that more women would wear aprons if they were nicer to look at and made them feel pretty. Same goes for men, they would wear aprons that made them feel more masculine, okay maybe not, but still. Right about now Misty is rolling her eyes, shaking her head and saying, "Silly Tanya." Yes, I know any old apron can protect your clothes when you are cooking, but I want something more than the regular apron.

Here are my favorite fashionable aprons that I came across.

Aqua Spring Rose Brunch Gigi Apron
Cost: $ 32.95
Available Here 

Kitchen Cherry Courtney Apron
Cost: $33.95
Available Here

Charmed, I'm Sure Apron
Cost: $32.00
Available Here

Tea-and-Crumpets Apron
Cost: $32.00
Available Here

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