Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion Rewind: Rickie Vasquez

The past month I have spent my time at home after work watching 'My So-Called Life.' When I was younger I thought it was of Angela was bold to dye hair her and amazing that her mom did not yell at her.  I love the carefree attitude of Rayanne and testing out different placements of braids.

However, my favorite character was not Angela, Rayanne or Jordan Catalano, but Rickie Vasquez! He was fearless when it came to fashion, from wearing one earring and bold colored sweater vest and that layering. Rickie would play with mixing bold patterns with on another and some how manages to make it work. I loved how many jackets he had! A range of different blazers and tweed coats, I must not forget that he would accessorize them too.

On top of Rickie's fashion sense, what I truly love about him is that he was not afraid to be himself. He was fearless when it came to hanging out in the girls restroom, wearing make-up and being open about his sexuality. He was a hopeless romantic like Angela and was always there for his friends.

Oh, if only high school was like how the movies and television shows made it to be.

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