Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wicked Wednesday: Black Swan

This week my obsession has become the film "Black Swan". I fell in love with the film when it first came out and yesterday I drove as fast (and safely) as possible to the store after work to buy my copy on DVD.

To be honest I haven't watched TV or seen much advertisement for the DVD, other than the little dance double scandal, which I think was all planned to draw attention to Blu-Ray and DVD release. However, I have been in love with all of the movie posters that they came up with. The ones that are actual photos are simple and dramatic it doesn't have any fluff to it.  I cannot stress how much I love the artwork that was done for the black, white and red posters. I want all of them to be hanging in my house. The coloring and the drastic angles and they all have this deeper meaning. With this said I will stop there because trust me I can go on longer.

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