Monday, May 9, 2011

Cases of the Mondays

My picks for this week are very different from one another, from the price to the material. All of the bags that I picked out for today's post I found on Purse Page, a blog that my roommate got me hooked on!

M Missoni Horoscope Bag
Cost: $29
Available Here

The first pick of the week is this lovely M Missoni Horoscope bag. Yes, it may be just a canvas bag, but it has your horoscope sign on it! We must not forget that like most canvas bags it fits a lot of daily essentials or you can use it as a storage tote. The only thing that I dislike about the bag is that you don't get to pick the color that you want. Not to mention that they are out of Gemini bags and there is no point in me getting a bag that doesn't have my sign.

Alex Boaky "Pink is Sweet" Cotton Kente Tote
Cost: $109.99
Available Here

Usually, I am not a huge fan of pink. My dislike for pink started when my room was pink as a child. Turns out whatever color my room is I tend to hate that color once I paint over. This is true not only with pink, but yellow and orange as well. But I degrees, despite the fact that this lovely tote has pink in it, the color scheme works for me. It reminds me or an easter egg and for some reason I like it. What also draws my attention is the pattern. Another appealing aspect of the bag is the kente textile. 

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