Wednesday, May 4, 2011

High Brow

One of the hardest things for me to maintain are my eyebrows, not my hair or my finger nail or anything else that would make sense. Every week I have to spend at least an hour tweezing and trimming them down in order for me not to look like Martin Scorsese, even though he is an adorable man.

You might be thinking, "Tanya, why don't you just get them waxed?" Well, if you must know my skin is very sensitive and waxing always leaves it red for hours afterwards. Plus, I don't even recommend getting them waxed because it rips the skin and it takes longer for the hair to grow back if it ever does. Also, it cost money and I just can't afford to get them done and hate the result.

However, I have been meaning to get them threaded, I just haven't found a place near me to get them done. That might just be my next beauty adventure.

Eyebrows are very important to me, mainly because I have rather think dark eyebrows naturally. For this reason I am going to list a few of my favorite celebrities, in my opinion, have the best eyebrows.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Photo Credit: Christopher Smith

4. Rihanna

3. Kim Kardashian

Photo Source:

2. Megan Fox

1. Camilla Belle

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