Saturday, May 14, 2011

Food For Your Face: Yogurt Mask

Post number two in dedication of my lovely recent grad Misty.

A few days ago Courtney came home and told me about a girl at her internship highly recommending doing yogurt masks. I wasn't to shocked by the idea of covering my face in yogurt, mainly because I have been doing honey masks for the past few months.

Since my skin is very sensitive and most product do more harm than good, I am always on the look out for natural home remedies. Before ever trying out the yogurt mask I, of course, did some research. I found that the best type of yogurt to use is plain and that you can mix in honey, lemon and other active ingredients to target certain problems.

To start off I wanted to keep it simple and just use the plain yogurt. A few different websites suggested using a cup of yogurt and covering your face with it. This just didn't make any sense to me because there is no way a cup of yogurt would stay on my face. Instead I just applied a thick coat of yogurt of my face and next. I left it on for about 20 minutes and than gently washed it off with luke warm water.

To give you a quick summary about my skin, I have combination skin, prone to acne and due to the sensitivity of it I get acne scars, even though I don't pick/pop them. After doing the yogurt mask I have noticed a difference small difference. It makes my skin feel tighter, leaves it glowing and has helped get rid of some of my acne.

There is a list of benefits from using the yogurt mask, i.e. fights acne, prevents premature aging, brightens skin etc. etc. You can read about more about that the benefits here.  When ever trying out new facial mask and products always use precaution and make sure if you feel any discomfort to immediately stop use and consult with your doctor.

P.S. The mask kind of smells like spoiled milk.

Don't I look lovely?

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