Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Simple Quinceañera

Next week I am flying back home to celebrate my sister's 15th birthday. Besides the fact that I am mortified that my little sister is about to turn 15 and her teen angst has just begun; there is going to be a huge party, not a quinceañera but a simple party. Of a lot of my family will be going from out of town and amazing! Also, it is a perfect excuse to buy a new outfit.

Originally, I wanted to wear high waisted shorts with a blazer and my oxfords, but that idea soon crushed. As much as I love shopping I hate trying one clothes in the dressing rooms, the lighting is horrible and the small space makes me anxious. Well, needless to say I had to try on several shorts and none of them where close to being flattering, I suppose they are only meant to look good on women that have the body of a model.

Rest assure I found an outfit that is not too dressy or to bland; very appropriate for a family gathering. Below I posted skirt and blouse that I purchased for the event. The rest of the accessories are either similar to what I'm going to wear or I wish I had to complete the look.

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