Thursday, April 7, 2011

Katy Perry's E.T. 'Red Alien'

Today make-up play time was spent trying to get the Katy Perry's E.T. 'Red Alien' look down. It did not come out as well as I hoped it would, but it still looks pretty decent and playing with the effect on Photo Booth with the make is extremely fun. I also feel that without the gems I look more like an indigenous person than an alien.

The make-up I used to do the red band was red eyeshadow using the wet eyeshadow method. It would have been easier to use red face paint, but I didn't want to go off looking for it and spending money on it either. Used black eyeliner and went over it with black liquid eyeliner to give it a darker look. For the geometric design on my checks, I first made an outline using white eyeliner than with an eyeliner brush went over it with a silver blue eyeshadow. Once again for that I used the wet eyeliner method. Make note that I made one less row than Katy's.

The gems I got at Michael's Arts and Crafts store, I tried a few other crafts stores but they didn't have any  scrap booking gems. The gems are not the same color as the one that were used on Katy, but I felt they were close enough and they were on sale! You might notice that the gems I used on my forehead are bigger than the ones making the 'L' design. The reason for this is the fact that my face is not as wide or large as Katy's, so I didn't have as much room for the bottom gems.

Overall, I do like the final look, but I absolutely love the 'Fawn Look' it is by far my favorite. I posted below some of the pictures I took using Photo Booth, I love how the make-up looks in these effects.

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