Sunday, April 3, 2011

Katy Perry's E.T. 'Fawn Look'

In my apartment the new Katy Perry E.T. video is playing non-stop.  The other day I decided to play around with my make-up and try out one of her make-up looks. The one I picked to do was the last looks she has in the video, I'm calling it the 'Fawn Look'.

Now keep in mind that I am not an make-up artist and I am just doing this for fun, it isn't perfect, but I try.

(I didn't have any eyelash glue to glue back my eyebrows -_- )

UPDATE: For the white "dots" I used my white eyeliner (Sephora brand) for the rest of the dots I used eyeshadow using the wet method and applied it on with my eyeliner brushes. I used liquid eyeliner for my eyes, but I first lined them with black eyeshadow than went over it with the liquid.

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